Digital Marketing Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Following are the 10 Tips which brands need to take note of

1. Focus on core audience & loyal customers , inboundmarketing can be used in an effective manner for customer acquisition

2. Leverage social channels facebook live & instragram stories

3. Have a proper product out of stock handling mechanism

4. Avoid soft 404’s by redirecting product pages to home pages in case of unavailability of products

5. Maximize your mailing list — Avoid conflict of product and marketing pages on search

6. Create engagement via video based interactive content

7. Safeguard onlinereputation through orm strategy in place with continuous monitoring — PR and comms teams to be on standby

8. Focus on conveying value proposition with differentiation

9. Follow a consistent URL pattern without mentioning the year and try to re-use them during the coming years

10. Never reverse instructions especially w.r.t on hiding pages via meta robots instructions



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Aditya Krishnan

Aditya Krishnan


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