Digital Trends Shaping 2021

Digital trends

The pandemic in 2020 which acted as a black swan event resulted in a tectonic shift across industries . Firms across the world accelerated their shift towards digital and many of them had to completely reinvent their business models , reorganize processes and rewire business operations . Leapfrogging of technologies became a standard norm .

As we are about to embark on a new journey and moving towards 2021.

Let us look at the major trends which will shape the future of the digital ecosystem .

Digital Trends to watch out for in 2021

  • Importance of User Experience in Search via Google’s core web vitals
  • Data Governance adhering to appropriate regulations & laws
  • IoT will rule across manufacturing firms
  • Single page applications or sites will be back in focus
  • Contextual advertising based on user’s intent and preferences
  • AI , ML algorithms will power businesses & solve problems which may result it being a key aspect across all corporate strategy meetings
  • Usage of ad-blockers affecting digital marketing initiatives
  • Cookie based user consent for remarketing purposes across geographies
  • Local SEO & Voice Search will gain prominence especially on mobile
  • AMP may lose its value : Brands would focus on consistency across devices
  • Brands will invest more on ORM across channels especially on social media
  • Customer 360 will be a reality and no more a theory ( adhering to compliances )
  • Customer Experience across various touch points to be a key differentiator
  • Performance of UX will be evaluated by business value assessments & outcomes
  • Content Marketing will be driven by themes like Wellness, health and sustainability
  • Brands will practice the principle of inclusive growth to widen their reach
  • Real time analytics and omni channel experience will work in sync to achieve marketing objectives
  • Zero click searches will see an uptick and featured snippets / instant answers will continue to rule the world of search engines
  • Data localization would be a huge topic in emerging markets
  • Harmonization of application landscape : Consolidation of tools under one umbrella ( eg : Either a Adobe or Google stack / Enterprise apps (SAP, Oracle or Microsoft)

Are you ready for an exciting journey ? Future is in front of us .

On your marks, get set go !!!

About The Author :

Aditya Krishnan is a Digital Strategist & Consultant with 10+ years of experience across different sectors and practices . He has managed business transformation engagements ranging from setting up digital platforms , designing marketing strategies to leading analytics projects . He has authored several publications on various topics across portals and shares his views regularly on latest trends in the digital / marketing space .



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Aditya Krishnan

Aditya Krishnan


Digital Strategist, author and speaker on latest trends in marketing, technology topics . For more info :