Google IO 2023 : Key Insights

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Image Source : Google Developer

Attended the Google IO 2023

Key Takeaways at a glance for everyone’s reference

Leveraging the power of AI across products

  • Cloud: will enable users to fine tune and train their own AI models with an enterprise perspective of security and privacy control
  • Gmail: a new feature called “help me write” will empower users to use generative AI when responding to or sending emails
  • Photos: feature called “magic editor” uses a combination of semantic understanding and generative AI to enable advanced picture improvements through edit functionality
  • PaLM 2 : Scalable use of the AI models across devices especially with healthcare use-cases
  • Lens: uses chatbot BARD to generate things like captions based on a photo prompt, understand the sentiment of a photo through expressions etc
  • Maps: enhanced street view capabilities that will allow users to preview their routes in an immersive view, so they can visualize their entire trip before the start
  • Slides: Able to use features of chatbot BARD within Google products, to have a new functionality called “sidekick” that enables users to search & get an answer with cited sources


The pilot version is made available to all users across the globe and they aim to integrate the solution with Google’s suite of products

  • Export Feature: Actions enable you to move Bard’s responses directly into other platforms like Gmail and Google Docs/Sheets
  • Adobe Firefly: Users can prompt Bard to generate an image and it will create an image based on the given attributes
  • Privacy: Focus on security and privacy features of their AI models
  • Search: Search results will become more visual in results with detailed descriptions . Zero click searches expected to rise further .
  • Availability & Reach : Bard is now open to over 180 countries and territories and is available in English, Japanese, and Korean. Fine tuned on regional , linguistic and cultural aspects


Generative AI in search will transform how people use search engines with new integrated search results that will enable a user to get much more information on a single query .

We are moving towards an era of conversational search wherein it is going to become more difficult to maintain a fine balance between monetizing the search platform and user experience .

The battle to grab the market share for Search Engine + Generative AI has gathered immense pace. Brace for interesting times ahead :)

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