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Aditya Krishnan
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Ripple effects leading to a tsunami of product developments

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Attended the Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O which was held recently, with the focus area being on how Generative AI will be transforming , reshaping the world of search through its flagship product Gemini along with the search engine features .

Following are the key takeaways

AI Overviews : One of the biggest changes to be integrated into search results however it is expected not to be shown for all queries . Most likely it will get reflected for queries where it can provide more value . Overview panels will have the option to simplify the content or break it down to different sections .

Search Results : To be rolled out with different dimensions and aspects for dining and recipe queries first, but will be used for music, books. hotels, shopping and more in the long run. More context driven features along with Q&A chat feature to be integrated .

Ask with video feature : Gemini has been designed to be multi-modal and to answer queries basics on various aspects w.r.t images, text etc

Gemini Model Updates : Gemini 1.5 Flash, a more lightweight variant intended for large-scale applications that has undergone extensive testing with developers and users. AI Studio and Vertex AI, both models are in preview with a million-token context window. Overall Gemini will stand out as a revolutionary model engineered to seamlessly process text, images, video, code, and more. Gemini 1.5 Pro summarize 100 emails or parse several lengthy documents up to 1,500 pages in total, into a few seconds. You will soon be able to oversee code bases with over 30,000 lines or an hour’s worth of video footage. Gemini Live can provide A brand-new mobile chat experience .

Project Astra : AI agent will work on the Large Language Models similar to the likes of Co-pilot of Microsoft . It is more accessible to developers of all sizes as compared to other AI agents in the market. This is going to be a scalable and cost-effective platform for developers to build AI-powered applications without a need of any massive computational resources .

Workspace : with Integration of Gemini with Google workspace for useful to summarize the email conversation and make it easy to use, to note down the highlights of the meeting. In google sheets, it can help you to make sense of data and process requests more accurately. Other additional features like Notebook LM can help students with their notes and homework .

Time will tell whether the tech giant can turn the AI tide in its favor .

Exciting possibilities galore in the days to come .

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