Key Outcomes From Google Marketing Live 2022

Era of Automated Marketing

Google Marketing Live : Multisearch

Google Multisearch : One can search by scanning an object with a camera or uploading an image. In addition, can add text to image search to ask a specific question about the concerned object

GA4 : Mobile app activity can be tracked with less reliance on cookies as no IP information is stored adhering to privacy guidelines and compliances . Data driven attribution and new predictive modelling, audience building can help in powering insights to drive and build businesses of the future

Ads Platform : Performance Max campaigns (PMC) utilizes AI to achieve specified conversion goals, such as a CPA or ROAS target. These campaigns make real-time optimizations to bidding strategy, audiences, creative assets, pattern recognition . PMC is driven by new deep learning models that work at 10x the speed of former models

Privacy Safe Measurement : First party data can be integrated with Google Ads to get deeper insights on how users are engaging with different ad formats . Aggregated conversion reporting with hashed first party data helps in safeguarding user privacy

Delivering an omni channel experience : With the help of google lens , products in the store can be scanned and insights can drive purchase decisions ensuring a superior shopping experience . GA 4 can connect app activity to online activity we can get a unified view of customer engagement

Integrations : Provision to enable marketing platforms to integrate with other enterprise products , solutions of other companies to provide collective intelligence and to enhance the scope of decision making leveraging the power of data

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Aditya Krishnan is a Digital Strategist & Consultant with 12+ years of experience across different sectors and practices . He has led and managed consulting engagements ranging from setting up digital platforms ,building many products / developing solutions ,driving digital/marketing transformation projects , designing marketing strategies to leading conversion optimization, analytics initiatives . An alumnus of Welingkar, Mumbai- batch topper , secured First Rank in Marketing specialization & E-Business program . An active contributor and participant in the Webmasters , SEO , digital marketing, analytics professional groups/forums including trends on cyber security. He has authored several publications on various topics across portals and shares his views regularly on latest trends in the digital /technology and marketing space . He is also invited as a guest speaker by leading B-schools and in industry events . As a social initiative he has started a knowledge platform ‘Insights From Aditya’ on Linkedin to share latest insights and perspectives on various digital, technology and marketing topics with an aim to spread knowledge and raise awareness . In addition to it he is also a reputed author , poet and an avid researcher .

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Digital Strategist, author and speaker on latest trends in marketing, technology topics . For more info :

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Aditya Krishnan

Digital Strategist, author and speaker on latest trends in marketing, technology topics . For more info :