Key Points From Google Search On 2021

Aditya Krishnan
3 min readOct 14, 2021


A snapshot of the features expected to be rolled out in near future

Google Search On Conference 2021

Few days back I attended Google’s Search On 2021 conference with a focus on how Google Search is evolving to keep up with the user’s needs in this digital world.

I am sharing the following key takeaways which will be shaping and redefining the world of search .

  • AI is powering search and is transforming how Google perceives and presents information. Anyone can start a business just sitting at home and instantly connect to billions of potential users
  • Development of a wildfire feature that aims to provide critical information at times of crisis in USA. The Google Maps’ new wildfire layer will allow you to make rapid, educated decisions in critical situations. Just with a single tap, you can learn about a fire’s location, size, containment, and more
  • In 2022, Google is introducing MUM (Multitask Unified Model) an advanced AI powered solution will be available on Google Lens. This model of redesigning the google search page shall provide a greater opportunity for the user to shop with more shopping choices .You’ll also be able to take an image while asking a question. This feature will help in identifying similar patterns across different entities as it fine-tunes the entity recognition aspect
  • To make it simpler to refine or broaden your search with new features such as “Narrow this search” and “Expand this search” with recommended ideas linked to your search term
  • The re-designed Google Search page will also make it simpler than ever to learn about new topics
  • Topical based youtube videos to be reflected as a part of the search results corresponding to your search
  • Upgrades to Google Search will allow all its users to enjoy learning new stuff on the internet. You can now quickly dive deeper and double-check your sources by tapping the three dots next to any Google Search result to and learn more about where that information came from
  • Google Shopping Graph has been created to provide consumers with access to over a million items from both large and small companies, enhancing the user shopping experience
Search Landscape

New algorithms , features will continue to power innovation in the world of search as the most popular search platform is driving digital transformation in an herculean manner

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