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Aditya Krishnan
2 min readDec 24, 2020
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Today every business in this digital world know the importance of traffic via the search engines to their website. The main objective of every company is to ensure that their company’s products and services are featured on top of the organic search results of major search engines like Google, Bing etc.

After periodic tweaks and changes the search engine algorithms like (eg: page rank algorithm) focuses on the design of the page in terms of user experience along with content quality. Poor design of the page and a bad user interface results in a low quality score for the page which majorly affects its search results. The aim of a search engine is to ensure that it provides relevant search results as per the requirement of the end user/ customer. For an ecommerce site the quality score is determined by how easy is it to transact on the page. User experience design is extremely important for online sites as it affects their visibility on search engines.

Customers visit websites which provides a rich and seamless user experience through good design, easy navigation and relevant content. Such sites are visited again by them and it creates brand awareness,retention in the minds of the users.

Search Engines like Google keep a track of what the users do and learn what they like. By making the machine learning algorithms scalable Google’s Penguin and Panda updates are penalising websites which don’t meet the basic standards relating to content, design, relevance and speed.

It should be noted at this point that a good user experience doesn’t mean the most advanced, flash content, javascript or a heavy user interface. The need of the hour is to following the best practices of user interface design and come out with a simple easy to use interface. A strong and effective content strategy would attract customers to the site . The combination of a great UX design and relevant, unique content would engage the customer resulting in an increase in time spent by them on the site. This would help in creating an overall superior customer experience for the customer and help in increasing the conversion rate.

Techniques like Responsive web design (RWD) help in creating a rich experience across devices by delivering a consistent brand message through user friendly interfaces. This helps in avoiding creation of multiple URL’s for the same page and would help in boosting the search results.

Purchasing a product without any problems, obtaining the required information instantly or completing a transaction smoothly are some of the basic expectations of a user . Companies having a robust strategy combining UX, content and search are winning the race in this competitive digital world.



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